Reclaimed Canvas + Other Promo Codes

Want to save up to 20% on your next paint party?
Love to paint but don’t know what to do with all of your old canvases?

Let The Uncorked Artist repurpose them!

Over the centuries, it has been common practice for master painters like Van Gogh to paint over old canvases time and time again.


Come to The Uncorked Artist any weeknight and receive a 20% discount when you bring a used canvas you no longer want and also paint on a repurposed canvas. It can be from ANY studio, not just ours! Instead of receiving a brand new canvas for that nights paint party, you will receive a reclaimed canvas (one we have already prepped for re-use).


Other studios, especially the chain franchises, use paper plates as disposable pallets and create excess waste with every party they run. Plus, the unused paint on those paper plate pallets thrown into the trash have a chance of polluting our groundwater supplies! YUK!


The Uncorked Artist reuses melamine plates, washing them after we have used special paint hardener to safely dispose of unused paint.


This practice is one of many that make us stand out from the competition. We are ALL ABOUT reducing, reusing and recycling, which is why we are initiating this Weeknight “Reclaimed Canvas” campaign.


Not only will this save YOU some “green,” but it will keep the planet a bit greener too.


Hope to see you at the studio soon (with your old canvas!)


* Must use promo code when registering
* Valid on public calendar parties ONLY
* Not valid on existing registrations

* Not valid on FUNdraisers, Mobile Parties, or Special Events
* Not valid on any Wood or Pallet parties
* Available for private parties if request is made in advance
* Limit one canvas per person per class
* May not be used with other discounts