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When I think of other Mom’s I know and who would deserve anything special to recognize how wonderful she is-my mind goes to one person first. EVERY TIME.

In 1997, I met someone who has become one of my closest friends and ultimately a huge part of my family-Leah Kerchner. When I met her she was newly married having just eloped with a rekindled flame and they were expecting their first child together. That first summer spent all together before Lilly was born was what cemented what is turning into a lifelong friendship. There has not been a major event in my life that Leah has not played a part in.

Leah amazes me every day. Two of her three daughters have special needs that require an immense amount of time and attention. Even after giving all three of her daughters everything they need, Leah still gives an immense amount of time and energy to others in her life. She is currently helping to care for her sick dad. Leah is just one of the most giving and considerate people I know. Even when her plate is overflowing with other things, she still finds time to help others and give of her time and talents in amazing ways. I often tease her that she needs to learn how to say no and that she needs to learn to take some time for herself.

Leah is the Ultimate Mom in my book. Once I became a mother, I have always strived to be a mom like Leah. And Leah deserves so many special things for being the amazing mom, friend and woman that she is. My life would not be the same without her in it.

-Submitted by Courtney Laub