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These projects are available when you register for a Project Party.



60-90 Minute Paintings & Projects
Kid Favorites – All-Ages DIY Projects








90-120 Minute Paintings & Projects
Happy Hour DIY Projects



120-150 Minute Paintings & Projects
Evening DIY Projects







120-180 Minute Paintings & Projects
Evening DIY Projects


Current pricing (subject to change): Home Interchangeable Sign: $40, includes 2 cutouts, additional interchangeable pieces $5 ea. Subject to cutouts on hand, sorry, no special requests;




120-180 Minute Custom DIY Projects

If you want to make a custom project, please visit here:
Custom project registration closes 4 days prior to event.
Here are just a few custom project ideas, CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to view some more custom projects, or email us a visual of something you would like to make!

You can select from any of our custom projects or send us a visual (send to for something you want to make, and we’ll do our best to create a stencil for you!



Special DIY Projects

All Special DIY Projects must be requested 4 days prior to your event.
There may be additional charges for some of these special projects, but you can request them for any Private Party. They can also be requested for private parties! Based on availability.