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The Uncorked Artist is very pleased to announce that we are no longer using disposable paper plates at our Warminster BYOB Paint and Sip Studio.

The Uncorked Artist is Going Greener!Each attendee now receives their paint on a re-usable, washable palette. Many of the plates have thumb holes to help each guest connect personally with their inner artist—like so many of the masters did in the past.

While most other Paint and Sip Studios use disposable paper plates (along with folding chairs and paper lined folding tables) for their guests, our studio boasts a 15ft fireplace, wrap-around leather couch, 4-seat bar-height tables which encourage intimate gatherings along with larger groups, and a homey, comfortable atmosphere where everyone’s inner artist can flourish.

With the addition of these re-usable plates, we are eliminating 1-2 bags of trash each week (600-1000 paper plates each month), helping our planet one plate at a time 🙂

We hope you’ll visit our studio with your friends, and enjoy the trendiest new entertainment venue in the area!

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