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Saturday May 12, 2012, 2PM

Funky Dot TreeJoin local artist/instructor Barbara Sanderson-Cruz as she assists you in exploring your inner artist.

Kimberly L. Rabago, MSW presents her last session in the Thanatology Program at Bucks County Community College 

Looking at Dying, Death and Bereavement in Music, Literature, and the Arts Throughout the Ages

The closing session of the Bucks County Community College Thanatology continuing education program will be a first-hand exploration into connecting your real-life personal experiences to your inner artist in this private therapeutic paint session.

So often, caregivers fall victim to the potentially harmful effects that result from compassion fatigue. It’s critical that caregivers explore healthy ways to relieve stress.

This hands-on paint therapy session will allow you to focus on a life event, and express your emotions through paint onto canvas.

Our local artist/instructor will offer suggestions to create a symbolic life journey . . . perhaps every branch on the tree represents an important person in your life, or perhaps represent someone special that you lost, or maybe every color you select for the dots symbolizes an emotional journey . . . you are free to explore your inner artist.

Each participant will leave the event with their own uniquely original  16×20 canvas showcasing their personal reflections.


The Association for Death Education and Counseling® has deemed the Bucks County Community College Thanatology certificate program as counting toward the continuing education requirements for the ADEC CT and FT programs.
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