Corporate Team Bonding Paint Parties

Why host an Uncorked Artist Team Bonding Paint Party?

• Celebrate your staff’s diversity while creating a uniquely personal experience within a relaxed group atmosphere.
• Give co-workers an opportunity to see each other in a casual setting outside of the workplace.
• Celebrate a holiday or special occasion.
• Acknowledge staff achievements.
• Grow stronger as a cohesive team.
• Create a unique and memorable experience for your staff.
• Decorate your office space with your fabulous paintings!
• Host staff appreciation or anniversary celebrations.

How does it work?

When you host a Team Bonding event at our studio, the entire room is at your disposal. We are flexible and work around whatever program schedule you need, and additional studio time is available at a nominal charge.

  • Typically we feature one painting during your event. Our patient instructors guide you through step by step recreation of your featured painting and each attendee takes home their own painting.

We do however offer other team bonding options:

  • Create a “Mosaic” from any of our gallery paintings. Choose this option if you have a good sized wall space to fill. Each guest paints their own canvas which is a portion of the larger image. The complete painting is revealed once the canvases are hung together.
  • Create a “Surprise Mosaic” where no one knows the outcome until the end. Your guests would only see their own small portion while they paint.
  • Paint with “Musical Chairs” where each guest paints one element of the featured painting everyone switches seats with their neighbor to paint the next part. At the end, each guest takes home their own canvas, which is a collaboration of all their group’s painting efforts.
  • Put your manager/boss on the spot . . . have him/her become the instructor! This “communication experiment” forces one person to verbally describe all of the painting details, leaving it up to the guests to interpret without ever seeing the featured painting. The person coming closest to the original painting at the end of the event wins! (There is still a “real” instructor on-hand to assist of course.)
  • Introduce some fun competition into your event with trivia! We feature “Trivia Paint” nights and have interesting painting-related questions for most of our gallery paintings! The guest with the most correct answers at the end of the party wins!

What does it cost?

Our paintings are arranged in Tiers, all priced according to the time it takes to complete them. If nothing in our gallery suits your business event, custom work-related themed artwork can be created.
Tier 1 paintings – $25pp – 2 hours
Tier 2 paintings – $30pp – 2.5 hours
Tier 3 paintings – $35pp – 3 hours
Mobile Party  – $40pp – 2.5-3 hours

Most (but not all) of our Team Bonding events occur during the workday. This enables us to offer daytime discounts since most of our parties occur in the evening.

Ask us about our daytime Tier 3 event discounts!  We also offer quantity discounts beginning at 20+ painters.

If you need additional time (for a meeting, presentation, awards, etc.) in addition to your party time, our studio is usually available for a flat rental fee of $30/half hour.

All of our Team Bonding party packages include the following:

  • WE supply cups, napkins, plates, plasticware.
  • WE supply canvas (glassware, pallet wood, etc.), brushes, paints, smock, easel and step-by-step instruction.
  • WE set up.
  • WE clean up. Really, you leave everything behind, we do ALL the clean up!
  • YOU supply the snacks and drinks. We have plenty of room for you to set up your food, and we work with several local food establishments if you would like your event catered.
  • You have a private room all to yourself.
  • You select the featured painting.
  • You have your own instructor to assist throughout your event.
  • Additional time is available if you have a program scheduled.
  • Listen to your favorite music while you paint.
  • Attendee take their artwork home with them.
  • We take photos throughout your event which we will later upload to Facebook. You will be emailed a special link to view the photos (visible even if you do not have a Facebook account) within a day or so after your party. If for any reason you DO NOT want photos taken at your party, please let us know prior to the party.


Satisfied guest recommendations . . .

“I always thought I could never paint. I almost had cold feet, but the detailed step by step instruction made it seem so easy. Thank you so much!! I feel so good now.” — P. Chokshi

“I had a blast. The instructor gave clear instructions that it was so easy to follow even though I do not have an art background. I will be back. Looking forward to trying a Monet or Van Gogh.” — D. Cochran

“It was so much fun the first time I brought my husband the next time. He loved it and I will bring him again.” — A. Smith

“I was very pleased and will certainly be back. I was such a fun experience and I never knew I could paint. Unleashing my inner artist and creativity was so relaxing and rewarding.” — K. Fidishun

“I never enjoyed painting when I was a kid, this experience absolutely sur-prised me in a good way. Our instructor had just the right balance of relaxed, laid-back & serious when necessary. Thank you so much.” — J. McAninley

“I did not know what to expect but I had a fantastic time. Will definitely do this again and again in the future!” — P. Walsh

“I was thrilled to be able to bring home a painting that I actually did myself. I hung it up on the wall!” — K. Vollmer

“Had a great time! I think wine would have helped relax us all, but since we were with work, I understood that we didn’t have it. I definitely want to bring my friends and family to a painting night sometime. My family LOVED my painting!” — J. Shottor

“Fabulous! Such an amazing experience. Book now, book often.” — S. Young

“I had an absolutely amazing time! Our teacher was SO much fun. I’ve never painted a day in my life. And now I am hooked and already have another night planned to go back! You guys are incredible!!!!” — A. Danella

“I have been to several Paint and Sip Parties, But this was My FIRST at The Uncorked Artist and I can honestly say my NEW FAVORITE PLACE… I CAN’T WAIT FOR MY NEXT CLASS!!!” — M. Larsen

“I love this place! I’ve never painted in my life but didn’t feel nervous at all and I loved how my painting turned out.” — B. Rimkunas

“It was a great way to spend an evening team building and unwinding!” — A. Garrett