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What the heck is a hashtag? #HashtagBrag #UncorkedArtist

If you’re a social media novice, hashtags may seem confusing and/or unnecessary. But they really are turning into an integral way we communicate online, so it’s important to understand them and know how to use them.

What a hashtag basically does is label content, connecting it with other content containing the same hashtag. It allows other people who are interested in your topic to quickly find information about that topic on the internet.

A hashtag looks something like this:  #UncorkedArtist or #HashtagBrag.

You can make any word (or string of words) a hashtag just by adding the pound sign (#) in front of it.

There aren’t many rules for hashtagging . . .
– must begin with #
– can not contain any spaces
– you can use numbers, but no punctuation marks, so commas, periods, exclamation points, question marks and apostrophes won’t work
– asterisks, ampersands or any other special characters won’t work either

Other than that, you’re free to create and/or use any hashtag you like!

We like to capitalize the first letter of each word of a hashtag because we think it’s #VisuallyEasierToRecognize this way. But you don’t have to use capital letters if you don’t want to, uppercase letters will not alter your search results, so searching for #UncorkedArtist will yield the same results as #uncorkedartist.

When you are posting, keep in mind that the @ symbol does something completely different. Using @ before a person’s username will notify him directly that you’ve written about them. A hashtag will not do this.

Hashtags originated on Twitter but now are being used on just about every social media platform: InstagramFacebookPinterest and Google+ and of course, Twitter. So any time you post something to a social media site, say for instance Facebook, you can add the number sign (#) and create your very own hashtag. Then if you search for that hashtag on Facebook, your post along with other posts containing that hashtag will show up.


Now that you understand all about hashtags . . . it’s time to start using them!!

We frequently select random winners of a FREE Gift Certificate by searching social media sites for our 2 hashtags . . . #HashtagBrag #UncorkedArtist

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There are LOTS of ways to win FREE gift certificates at The Uncorked Artist!


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Plan Your 2013 Holiday Celebration

Switch Up This Year’s Holiday Celebration . . .

Give your guests memories they’ll treasure and a unique masterpiece they’ve painted themselves to remember your special Holiday Celebration!

Laugh, engage, celebrate!

Private Parties (10+ guests) – https://www.theuncorkedartist.com/private-parties

  • Bring your own food and favorite beverages, exchange gifts, play music from your iPod, even use our Karaoke machine! Enjoy our beautiful studio  or party room all to yourself.

Public Parties (Less than 10, can sit together during a public party) – https://www.theuncorkedartist.com/schedule

  • We can push tables together so that your group sits together!


Check our public calendar or email [email protected] to see which dates are still available.

Helping the environment . . . one plate at a time!

The Uncorked Artist is very pleased to announce that we are no longer using disposable paper plates at our Warminster BYOB Paint and Sip Studio.

The Uncorked Artist is Going Greener!Each attendee now receives their paint on a re-usable, washable palette. Many of the plates have thumb holes to help each guest connect personally with their inner artist—like so many of the masters did in the past.

While most other Paint and Sip Studios use disposable paper plates (along with folding chairs and paper lined folding tables) for their guests, our studio boasts a 15ft fireplace, wrap-around leather couch, 4-seat bar-height tables which encourage intimate gatherings along with larger groups, and a homey, comfortable atmosphere where everyone’s inner artist can flourish.

With the addition of these re-usable plates, we are eliminating 1-2 bags of trash each week (600-1000 paper plates each month), helping our planet one plate at a time 🙂

We hope you’ll visit our studio with your friends, and enjoy the trendiest new entertainment venue in the area!

Private Studio Party Deals for August

Great Deals On Private Studio Parties!

Deal 1 — Hold a private MORNING or AFTERNOON paint party any day of the week at our studio for up to 12 guests—pay only $299. That’s a $121 savings! Each additional guest $25.

Deal 2 — Hold a Private EVENING Paint Party at our studio Mon. – Thurs. for up to 16 guests—pay only $399. That’s a $161 savings! Each additional guest $25.

Contact [email protected] OR [email protected].

Paint It Forward FUNdraiser – Home At Last Dog Rescue

Wednesday October 10, 2012 – Monday September 10, 2012

1414 Old York Road

View MapMap and Directions | Register


Paint Your Pet!

Home At Last Dog Rescue

Proceeds from this Paint It Forward FUNdraiser will benefit the Home At Last Dog Rescue in North Wales, PA.

Paint Your Pet Session

Join us for this unique and very individualized painting adventure, as you recreate a masterpiece of your favorite pet.

You send us a digital photo of your pet, then we apply a photo to your canvas.

Paint your own background color or pattern to match your home decor, then begin creating your totally original pet masterpiece!

$20 of every participants registration will be donated to this worthy charity.


First:  Register for this paint session.

Second: Send us a digital photo of your favorite pet. Select a photo that truly captures the personality of your pet.

Third: When you arrive at the studio you’ll be presented with a canvas that has your pet picture (sealed and primed) ready for painting. The background photo gets completely covered as you paint your original masterpiece on top.

Shown to the left are two samples, the original photo is to the left, the finished painting is to the right.

This is unlike our normal paint parties because each person will have a unique pet photo, but there will be staff on hand to help you select your palette, assist with any questions you have, and to offer suggestions if needed—but this is an individual creative venture. You’ll work at your own pace, not along with the rest of the attendees.


  1. If you are attending with a group and would like to sit together, please note this in COMMENTS below.
  2. If you would like one of the several ADA wheelchair accessible tables for your session, please note this in COMMENTS below.
  3. Payment is due at time of reservation. If you choose not to pay online, you must call 267-714-8545 and let us know which session you want to attend. A credit card number will be taken as a “Good Faith Deposit”—it will not be charged unless you fail to show up for the class. When we get your “Good Faith Deposit” we will reserve space for you—you may pay for your session when you arrive. We accept cash, check or credit card at the door.


When you get to the payment page, if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can click the link to pay with your debit or credit card as a PayPal guest.

Due to the unique nature of this event, we can NOT accept any prepaid vouchers.


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