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Spin to Win!

Have you seen our awesome new Prize Wheel?

I wanted to do something extra special during our April Birthday Month, and it had to be fun, exciting & rewarding. The Prize Wheel is all of that and more!

It resides at our Peddler’s Village shop. Standing 3 ft. tall, you’ll see it as soon as you walk in the door.

There is no cost to spin, but we do ask that join our VIP Rewards Club. Click here for all the details and benefits of joining.

Everyone wins something – and we change out the prizes too. You’ll receive a stamped card valid for 1 month from the issue date, so you don’t have to stay and redeem your prize when you spin . . . but you can!!

And there is NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY! It’s open paint all the time! You can stop by any time we’re open and we’re always BYOB. So bring some snacks and drinks and settle in alone or with friends. Staff is available to assist you during open paint, and while there is no step-by-step instruction, we do have written instructions for you and will help whenever needed.

We’re open at PV M-W 10am – 6pm, Th-S 10am – 8pm, & Sun. 11am – 6pm. Stop by for your chance,  Spin to Win!

People are always surprised when they reach the top of the steps and turn the corner into our studio. It’s so spacious, bright and chock full of ideas creative on how you can Uncorked your inner Artist!

We hope you’ll come visit us soon, Spin to Win then stay and paint with us.

Happy 5th Birthday to The Uncorked Artist!

How we’ve grown over the years!

I can still remember the joyful anticipation I felt during our first few weeks open back in 2012. Although we began the process of creating the “business” in November 2011 (it takes months to open a new business!) I planned our very first paint party to fall on my own birthday, April 1. I invited my closest friends and family. It was AWESOME.

And if nothing else, it has forced me to celebrate my birthday every year in grand fashion.

In 2012, The Uncorked Artist was the very first Independent Paint and Sip Studio to open in Pennsylvania! Today it seems new studios pop up every month. From cookie cutter franchises to new independently owned studios, the market in our area is now saturated with paint studios.

Our challenges then were to educate potential customers on why they should come experience a party for themselves. No one had ever heard of such a thing before.

Today our challenge is to educate our guests on why they should choose The Uncorked Artist over any other studio. There are so many things that differentiate us from our competition. Though we are happy to hear whenever someone had a good experience at a different studio, we want you to come to ours instead. We need you to! Our studios, like all small businesses, depend on support from loyal, local customers like you.

Each day this month, I’ll post information about The Uncorked Artist , to help both educate and inspire.

As an added incentive for your participation in this month-long blogging journey, we encourage you to enter our Facebook Free Paint Party giveaway! You may enter once each day, and referring friends to enter gets you additional entries. We’ll announce our winner in early May.


And please, come out and Sip, Snack, Laugh & Paint with us!



Staff Spotlight — Steffi Park Eger



Uncorked Staff Spotlight

This week we celebrate Steffi Park Eger!

Art has been a part of Steffi’s life since she can remember. When she was eight years old, she told her parents that she was going to be an artist when she grew up. Her parents enrolled her in an art class to see if she was serious. She has studied art ever since. She took private art lessons through high school, and in her undergraduate work, studied commercial art and graphic design.

Steffi holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications with a Commercial Art concentration. She developed a love of photography, and in her graduate work, studied that craft and honed her skills with the camera and in the darkroom. In 2009, she completed her Master of Arts in Humanities with a Fine Art emphasis. Her present work is centered mostly in oil painting and black and white photography. She has taught art lessons, both privately and in the classroom setting for the last 15 years, and we are lucky to have her as part of the Uncorked Artist’s family. She has been with The Uncorked Artist since we first opened on April 1, 2012.

Steffi has no choice but to make art. It comes from inside her, inspired by nature, mood, and inner thoughts. Her goal is to show others not only what she sees in the world, but more importantly, how she see the world. Steffi is an incredible talent with a mind made for creating. She is also an avid runner and hiker who loves the outdoors. She appreciates the world as it should be, to be experienced.


What the heck is a hashtag? #HashtagBrag #UncorkedArtist

If you’re a social media novice, hashtags may seem confusing and/or unnecessary. But they really are turning into an integral way we communicate online, so it’s important to understand them and know how to use them.

What a hashtag basically does is label content, connecting it with other content containing the same hashtag. It allows other people who are interested in your topic to quickly find information about that topic on the internet.

A hashtag looks something like this:  #UncorkedArtist or #HashtagBrag.

You can make any word (or string of words) a hashtag just by adding the pound sign (#) in front of it.

There aren’t many rules for hashtagging . . .
– must begin with #
– can not contain any spaces
– you can use numbers, but no punctuation marks, so commas, periods, exclamation points, question marks and apostrophes won’t work
– asterisks, ampersands or any other special characters won’t work either

Other than that, you’re free to create and/or use any hashtag you like!

We like to capitalize the first letter of each word of a hashtag because we think it’s #VisuallyEasierToRecognize this way. But you don’t have to use capital letters if you don’t want to, uppercase letters will not alter your search results, so searching for #UncorkedArtist will yield the same results as #uncorkedartist.

When you are posting, keep in mind that the @ symbol does something completely different. Using @ before a person’s username will notify him directly that you’ve written about them. A hashtag will not do this.

Hashtags originated on Twitter but now are being used on just about every social media platform: InstagramFacebookPinterest and Google+ and of course, Twitter. So any time you post something to a social media site, say for instance Facebook, you can add the number sign (#) and create your very own hashtag. Then if you search for that hashtag on Facebook, your post along with other posts containing that hashtag will show up.


Now that you understand all about hashtags . . . it’s time to start using them!!

We frequently select random winners of a FREE Gift Certificate by searching social media sites for our 2 hashtags . . . #HashtagBrag #UncorkedArtist

All you have to do to enter this FREE Gift Certificate give-away is:

Then be sure to Sign up for our Email Club to receive notification of winners (plus events, special deals, etc.)


There are LOTS of ways to win FREE gift certificates at The Uncorked Artist!


As always, Thank you for choosing The Uncorked Artist.

We hope to see you at the studios soon!

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