….are what we are all about at The Uncorked Artist.

There are so many options for you to finally beat out your rich cousin for a really cool gift. Now I know, she likes to hand out ipads and High Definition Smart TV’s but I bet she never thought to give the gift of art. I mean, you get to come here, play with paint, and take something awesome home. The TV will show you something really loud and bright and send you to bed empty handed. Trust me, I have tried, Brad Pitt never jumps through my TV set. Ever.

So here we are, waiting for you. What do we have to offer? I am so glad you asked.

-For one thing, we have a drop off day on Black Friday. Gift of freedom! Go shopping, wrap gifts, or have a glass of wine without having to dish out mac and cheese on the side.

-Painting wine glasses and Christmas ornaments. Oh, you heard me right. The UA ain’t just for painting canvas anymore!

-Gift Certificates! Give the important people in your life a night out away from you! For a limited time you will get a free gift when you come in and purchase a GC in one of our fabulous studios.

Don’t forget your Polyanna girls party, your annual ornament exchange party, and your ugly sweater party. They can all be done here, while you paint! And drink!

Check our Calendars for all of these wonderful events.

See you in the studio!