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When we (My 3 sisters and I) saw your contest for Mothers day we instantly thought of our mom and how she deserves a chance to win.

Almost 2yrs ago our dad never came home from work. He was struck by a motorcycle crossing the street, which left him in the hospital, rehab center and nursing home for over a year and a half. Our mom was being told during these times that our father (her husband) will never breath on his own and will never walk again. He was now a quadriplegic. Our father (her husband) at least beat the odd’s and does breath on his own.

Our mother never left his side for that year in half. She would drive over an hour there and back each day to see him. It got to the point where the doctor’s and nurse’s told her she needed a break or she will exhaust herself.

During the rough time, she only thought of her husband and children. She completely stopped caring about herself and made sure everyday her husband was improving and made sure her husband had the best of the best and still continues to make sure he has the best. She left her job so that she could be by his side all the time.

Now two years later her husband (our father) is finally home but still in and out hospitals every month which my mom takes him there and stays by his side for days.

We truly believe that if our dad didn’t have our mom right by his side during this rough and on going time our dad would not be with us today.

With her constant support and dedication she deserves this one special day to show how much we appreciate her.

-Submitted by Megan Kocis