Howdy Ho!

Greetings from your over friendly neighborhood Public Relations Manager!

Many of you may know who I am already. I have been instructing at UA for the last two years. Many of you know me and just ‘Mandy’, the crazy instructor that often has to curtail her Jersey girl language. Suffice it to say I have not changed much, however, typing out the cuss words are not as fun as actually screaming them brashly to a group of 40 something people.

In case you have no clue who I am, what I am, or what I do, let me give you a brief 101. Now everyone pay attention. I like pop quizzes.

Getting To Know You, er, Me.

I am a mom, first a foremost. I have three boys, and while I love my children and revel in being a mother, I am very happy to have the distraction that is The Uncorked Artist to keep my sanity together in leaps and bounds.

I am a writer. I do write books, however, I am not published. My main issue is time. I have two publishing houses interested, but I need to finish the third book in order for them to consider publishment. (Is that a word? It is now!)

I am an artist. I went to school for both, actually, English and Fine Arts. I love to paint in acrylics and oils. I don’t sell much work, although again, given the time constraints that are my life at the moment, this does not come as a huge surprise.

I like Batman (yay!), I love the color green and my favorite movie is Ghostbusters.

There. You know me. Congratulations!

Figuring It Out…

When I took the job as manager in North Wales, we were, well, winging it. We had never had another location and while we know how things worked in Warminster, North Wales was a completely different animal. I don’t think my fabulous Jersey girl skills were being utilized there, so Tara and I agreed my mad people skills would be best used for good instead of evil.

Thus the Publicity Manager was born in me. We created the position to increase awareness of the UA. Competition grows almost daily, and we don’t want you all to forget we are here. And we all know that if I’m showing up somewhere, your not forgetting the Uncorked Artist quickly.

What to Expect!

We will be popping up everywhere, community events, chamber of commerce events, and you may even see us lurking on your lawn with night goggles and home made spun Bundt cake.

Some future events include and are not limited to:

  • Doylestown Arts Festival – Saturday and Sunday 9/13 and 9/14
  • Beer Festival at McCools Red Lion Inn – Quakertown – Saturday 9/20 from 5-9pm
  • Winetober – Skippack Village – Saturday October 11 from 1-6pm

If you are a frequent painter of ours then you more than likely know of our FPP – Frequent Painter Program. For those who don’t, shame on you! Both of our studios are equipped with Kiosks available for you to sign up. All you do is follow the instructions on the kiosk. You check in every time you visit us (Shhh. It helps us keep track of your movements throughout the city!)

If you come back within 30 days (and you must, it’s cheap therapy!), you receive 10 dollars off your session (night sessions only please). You also receive updates via email and well as freebies for your birthday. Yay for free stuff!

I will be updating the blog once a week. Check back for updates and unrelenting humor as I navigate myself through the world of Public Relations (I almost wrote pubic relations..).

I will leave you every post with a new quote and todays is:

“I don’t need to take this abuse, I got hundreds of people dying to abuse me.”

~Pete Venkman

Tally Ho!