How we’ve grown over the years!

I can still remember the joyful anticipation I felt during our first few weeks open back in 2012. Although we began the process of creating the “business” in November 2011 (it takes months to open a new business!) I planned our very first paint party to fall on my own birthday, April 1. I invited my closest friends and family. It was AWESOME.

And if nothing else, it has forced me to celebrate my birthday every year in grand fashion.

In 2012, The Uncorked Artist was the very first Independent Paint and Sip Studio to open in Pennsylvania! Today it seems new studios pop up every month. From cookie cutter franchises to new independently owned studios, the market in our area is now saturated with paint studios.

Our challenges then were to educate potential customers on why they should come experience a party for themselves. No one had ever heard of such a thing before.

Today our challenge is to educate our guests on why they should choose The Uncorked Artist over any other studio. There are so many things that differentiate us from our competition. Though we are happy to hear whenever someone had a good experience at a different studio, we want you to come to ours instead. We need you to! Our studios, like all small businesses, depend on support from loyal, local customers like you.

Each day this month, I’ll post information about The Uncorked Artist , to help both educate and inspire.

As an added incentive for your participation in this month-long blogging journey, we encourage you to enter our Facebook Free Paint Party giveaway! You may enter once each day, and referring friends to enter gets you additional entries. We’ll announce our winner in early May.


And please, come out and Sip, Snack, Laugh & Paint with us!