Uncorked Artist Advisory Board

Thank you for your interest in The Uncorked Artist Advisory Board!

What is the Uncorked Artist Advisory Board?

  • Advisory Board Definition: A group of individuals who’ve been selected to help advise a business owner regarding any number of business issues, including marketing, sales, financing, expansion and so on.
  • We seek a diverse group of awesome people who are willing to share their insights & ideas to help shape the direction of future projects.
  • Our intention is to keep the group small but diverse.

Why are we doing this?

  • Because we are a small local business. We are NOT a franchise.
  • We don’t have anyone telling us what we should be doing next—or what we have to do.
  • We want to hear your thoughts.
  • We want to meet our community’s needs.

Who is the ideal candidate for the Uncorked Artist Advisory Board?

  • You love to paint, and/or love DIY Pinterest Projects.
  • By answering the questions below we hope to attract a well-rounded group of creative individuals.
  • There are NO right or wrong answers!

What purpose will the advisory board serve?

  • We will use input from the Advisory Board to decide which future paintings, projects, events, etc. we offer to our customers.
  • Keep alert for new creative trends.
  • Help steer the direction of future endeavors.

What will be expected of me if I join?

  • We expect that you will be active on Facebook, where our secret group will reside.
  • We expect you to share your opinions, ideas and views on a variety of topics.

How will I benefit by joining?

  • You will be heard!
  • Your project ideas might become actual classes!
  • We may hold special events for our Advisory Board members.
  • We will offer last minute discounts, you’ll have the opportunity to save money and do what you love.


In order to find the most diverse group of awesome people, please answer the following questions.  And PLEASE understand that not everyone who applies will be invited. This is an ongoing venture, we may need your help at a future time.

Thank you so much!

You should hear from us within the next few weeks.

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