Paint Your Pet Events!

Paint Your Pet!

Send us a digital photo of your pet. We crop it, re-size it, and apply it to a canvas.

You choose your own background color or pattern and paint right on top of your primed canvas. Your totally original pet masterpiece is created as you layer your paint over the digital photo!

Once you register for the Paint Your Pet Party, you’ll need to email a digital photo of your pet to [email protected].

This needs to be emailed at least 3 days prior to your event so we have time to prepare your canvas.

Please feature only one animal, selecting a photo that truly captures the personality of your pet. We silhouette (cut out) the background to focus on your pet. It’s usually best to have the entire pet’s body in the photo.

When you arrive at the studio you’ll be presented with a canvas that has your pet picture (sealed and primed) ready for painting. The background photo gets completely covered as you paint your original masterpiece on top, but because the proportions are exact, your painting looks just like your pet when you’re done!

This is unlike our “normal” paint parties because each person will have a unique pet photo and there will be very little step-by-step instruction, but there will be staff on hand to help you select your palette, assist with any questions you have, and to offer suggestions if needed. You’ll work at your own pace, independently, not along with the rest of the attendees.

Come yourself, or invite your friends to come along and paint their pets!


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Event Venue Date
Mobile Private Party - Paint your Pet Night!
Paint Your OWN Pet (#280) • Tier 5
Friday, October 6, 2017 7:00 pm 7:00 PM Register

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