All Ages Paint Parties

All-Ages Paint Parties

Guests of ALL AGES are welcome at our All-Ages Paint Parties. We host these parties several times a month, typically mornings and afternoons.

What does this mean? Although alcohol may still be present (many guests do bring alcoholic beverages to All-Ages events) guests are aware that children may be present, and they normally act accordingly.

Just visit our calendars. Any event that says All-Ages in their title welcome painters of all ages.

If it does NOT say All-Ages in the event title, then it is an Adults Only BYOB event (15+).

Please note: Parents must stay with their children during all-ages parties. Parents do not need to paint, but children must be supervised.


Thank you!

Below is a calendar of our upcoming all-ages events, be sure to note which STUDIO the event is being held at once you click on the event:

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  1. Hi I have a 10 yr old cld you please let me know when a day is available for all ages

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